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V800 Headlamp with White and Red LED Lights

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  • BEST BUDDY illuminating the way for runners, campers, hikers, hunters, fishermen, climbers, bikers, cyclists, joggers, shooters, kayakers, construction workers, auto mechanics, dog walkers
  • STURDY & LIGTHWEIGHT: Solid plastic body, with a soft, comfortable & good looking elastic headband, bright LED lights with two colors (white & red) light up the path up to 110 meters...
  • PRACTICAL & VERSATILE: 4 Adjustable angles of the beam, RED strobe / blinking for SOS alarm, 3 adjustable main White light intensity levels + separate buttons for RED & WHITE lights for convenience. Comes with 3 AAA batteries that provide up to 120 hours of lighting
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - You are covered by our 60-days money back guarantee & LIFETIME limited WARRANTY. Get a TOUCH-FRIENDLY WATERPROOF PHONE POUCH, and a XXX ebook absolutely FREE of charge!
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Now Announcing The Most Amazing BEST VALUE LED Headlamp!

Bet you have heard those following LED headlamp reviews:

  • NO red light or just a flashing one.
  • Only one button for both red and white light (not very practical).
  • Not waterproof or water resistant 
  • High beam distance not long enough (cannot see as far as would like to see, not convenient and risky).
  • Battery life too short.
  • The beam is not adjustable.
  • Quite heavy on the head when wearing for a reasonable amount of time.
  • The company or seller offers no real warranty, will not accept returns or refunds, etc.

Now, At Last, Your Search Is Over! Discover Why Buyers Love the VITCHELO® V800 Headlamp:

  • This headlamp has red led, a STEADY red light that makes reading more practical among other benefits, not just a flashing/emergency one.
  • 2 separated press-buttons for white and red lighting modes switching (VERY EASY TO USE)
  • The high beam distance goes as far as 110 meters (now we're talking, right?). Get rid of safety worries when doing outdoor activities at night.
  • 6 levels of lighting mode to choose from.
  • Headband soft, strong and very good looking.
  • Great for reading, jogging, walking, running, biking, fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, climbing, kayaking... You name it.
  • Adjustable beam, lightweight, durable, lifetime warranty!

Here are some key features of the VITCHELO® V800 headlamp:

  • Beam angle 45° adjustable for oriented lighting.
  • 2 red LEDs for signaling.
  • CREE R3 cool white w/reflector 168 lumens (SUPER BRIGHT )
  • Elastic headband with buckles for comfortable fit.
  • 3*AAA batteries (included).
  • Water resistant IPX6 (protected from powerful water jets).
  • CE and RoHS certified.

*** BONUS GIFT ***
Looking for a bargain? You will love this! Buy one VITCHELO® V800 headlamp, FREE get a survival bracelet ($15 value). YES, you read it right.

100% satisfaction guarantee! Complete LIFETIME WARRANTY, 60 days MONEY BACK guarantee, NO HASSLE and NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED returns!

BRAND NEW with 3 AAA BATTERIES, TESTED, WORKS GREAT. Exactly as shown in pictures, SHIP BY AMAZON.

What To Remember:

  • LIGHT, RELIABLE & VERSATILE HEADLAMPS: Looking for the best headlamp? Look no further. On dark nights & early mornings, from Colorado to the Pacific Crest Trail, the VITCHELO V800 headlamp flashlight with red light meet all the standards you would expect from a CREE headlamp and proves itself to be distinctly simple to use with 2 separate buttons to scroll easily through the lighting levels.
  • PERFECT MULTITASKING HEADLIGHT: Need a bright headlamp LED to fix different things, work on some home improvement projects or just enough light for reading or cycling? The V800 LED headlamp is just the tool you need. Soft, easily stretchable & adjustable, the headband provides maximum safety while incorporating reflective accents making the headlamp a great running light for runners.
  • SUPER BRIGHT HEADLAMP W/ LONG BATTERY LIFE: If you are a frequent day hiker or a dedicated weekend warrior, having a super bright headlamp with enough battery juice can be liberating. The headlight provides up 168 lumens of light output, for up to 120 hrs.
  • A BIG HELP WHEN THINGS GO WRONG: Considering the possibility of being caught out after dark in the backcountry with an injury or failed equipment, the V800 will make a significant difference under less than ideal conditions. Waterproof, it'll withstand water splashing against the enclosure, survive cold temperatures & situations where the need for light can be much longer than expected.
  • GIVE PEOPLE CLEAN WATER: When you get your VITCHELO headlamp today, a portion of the proceeds will provide supplies and funding to help Agua Yaku bring sustainable water solutions to people living in remote areas of Santa Cruz (Bolivia). And to prove our confidence in these headlamps, we are offering a generous 60 day, money back, satisfaction guarantee! Click "ADD TO CART" NOW and get this set of 2 units.

Buy the VITCHELO® V800 headlamp (set of 2) today FREE GET a SURVIVAL BRACELET. FREE Shipping on orders over $49, 60 days MONEY BACK guarantee, LIFETIME WARRANTY, NO HASSLE, and NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED returns!

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