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VITCHELO® Instant Pop Up Tent for 1 or 2 Person

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Camping & Hiking
If you’ve spent any time camping you’ll understand the bane of having to get to your campsite with enough time to properly set up your tent shelter. And since you’re reading this, we’ll take it that you’ve finally had enough of this. Introducing the VITCHELO Easy Up Automatic Pop Up...
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If you’ve spent any time camping you’ll understand the bane of having to get to your campsite with enough time to properly set up your tent shelter. And since you’re reading this, we’ll take it that you’ve finally had enough of this.

Introducing the VITCHELO Easy Up Automatic Pop Up Tent

Made to be painlessly set up by one person, the VITCHELO instant pop up camping tent is particularly attractive to campers who want to get a barbecue grill fired up as soon as they hit the camp base or those who are relatively new to camping and have no idea how to properly erect a traditional tent. They’re great if you’re only an occasional camper, have a festival to go to or perhaps you’re just camping out in the garden over night.

Setting it up is as easy as just throwing it, and its small and compact dome design provides ample space for more than one person to sleep in. The material used for the tent is a durable coating which is waterproof, provides shielding against harmful UV rays and makes it suitable for use in all kinds of weather.

Two doors provide easy access and egress, while two windows let the air in for ventilation. Personal items can be kept in storage pockets, and there is a loop to hang your lantern from on top of the tent.

Apart from this, you also get hook stakes which will be able to support the tent a lot more reliable and a convenient carry bag so you don’t have to worry about finding separate bags to take all the components of the tent.

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight tent for your next backpacking trip, a larger tent for Burning Man, or a simple shelter for the kids at the beach, this instant pop up tent is definitely for you.


  • WHILE OTHER INSTANT POP UP CAMPING TENTS poles snap after putting them away a few times, or zippers are too tight and tore the tent's fabric, the VITCHELO 2 person easy set up outdoor dome tent features high-quality fiber glass poles, rustproof water & rain resistant, mosquito net and hassle-free zippers to keep the 2 doors and windows running smooth. Also comes with a WATERPROOF CAMPING TARP. All This means a greater value for your cabin tent automatic and more time to enjoy your recreation.
  • MADE TO BE PAINLESSLY SET UP BY 1 PERSON - Those instant tents set up in seconds. Great choice for kids or adults just getting into camping who have no idea how to put up a traditional tent. Worry no more about children getting under your feet while the kettle boils or having an argument with your spouse about which pole fits which hole. Instead, use this extra time to get the barbecue grill fired up. Watch online videos about "how to fold pop up tent" and practice before getting on site.
  • SPACIOUS & CONVENIENT - With 3½ foot high and a 9.5x6.5’ floor area, this backpacking tent can comfortably fit One or 2 people less than 6ft tall. Besides, It is equipped with inside pockets to keep all your stuff organized. Our self-pop up tents' inside organization compartment will put order & sanity to your stay, save you time, discomfort and keep everyone calm, happy and self-sufficient.
  • PRACTICAL & VERSATILE - At VITCHELO we believe in making your experience as enjoyable as possible, helping more families create happier memories. We've designed this ultralight fast pitch tent to be as practical and versatile so that you can set it up in the house or backyard as pop up play tents for kids indoor, take it with you to a sporting event as a quick shade tent, at the park, festivals or anywhere pitching and putting tents away could be a hassle. Great beach or day trip tent.
  • 60 DAYS MONEY BACK guarantee, LIFETIME limited WARRANTY, NO HASSLE, and NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED return. Bring the teens outside, give 'em a real taste of the outdoor life. Go wild camping, hiking, backpacking, on an expedition (excursions) in the mountain, sleep under the stars, reconnect with mother nature in the comfort of your quick easy setup shelter tent with 2 doors windows & mosquito netting. Get yours today, we'll include a WATERPROOF CAMPING TARP ($25 value) for FREE!

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