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Vitchelo 5 in 1 Electric Trimmer for Women

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  • LATEST TECHNOLOGY, UPGRADED DESIGN: With ESR78, a 5-in-1 Electric Shaver say goodbye to slow, painful & ineffective ways to remove all unwanted hair. Also get manual-shaver like close shave without getting any shaving burns, cuts or itchy skin of the former.
  • 5 REPLACEABLE HEADS: Get 5 different shaving heads for different uses. 5 Heads are: 1x Hair Trimmer, 1x Rotating Shaving Head for Upper Arm & Leg, 1x Nose Hair Trimmer, 1x Eyebrow Trimmer and 1x Facial Cleaning Brush. You can use it on both Dry and Wet skin....
  • EASY TO USE & EASY TO CLEAN: Get baby-smooth in just 5 minutes. Also get a squeaky clean electric razor every time you want to use it since cleaning it after each use is so easy that you won’t avoid doing it. This also improves the shaving quality and prolongs the life of the shaver.
  • Rechargeable, Cordless, Portable & Ergonomic: ESR78 is Convenient, Ease to Use, Ultra Safe and Super Effectiveness. Its high capacity rechargeable battery runs for about 1 hour on a single recharge making it suitable for both home our outside use.
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VITCHELO Rechargeable 5-in1 Facial & Body Hair Remover, Eyebrow Razor & Nose Hair Trimmer

  • In today’s fast paced life you don’t know when you suddenly need to rush for a meetings, parties, kids school events, shopping jaunts, dates at the last minute. Last thing you want is to be there looking anything below your best and ruin the day.
  • Smooth & Close: So you turn to your trusted Vitchelo 5-in-1 Shaver which uses powerful micro-precision technology to give you ultra close, clean & clear skin by removing all unwanted hair from your face, upper lips, nose, side locks, legs, arms, arm-pits bikini area
  • Safe: And don’t worry about getting any nicks and cuts or hair-pull infections as you operate our product in a hurry. Our safe and tested technology has your back covered.
  • Fast & Powerful: Unlike other cheap electric shavers that are slow & weak in their knees, read battery and motor of poor quality, the VITCHELO 5 in 1 facial hair removal for women and teens girls is powerful and fast.
  • Portable & Discreet: You pull over your car in the parking lot as you reach the meeting spot. Imagine while looking in the rear-view car mirror you spot a few strands of unwanted hair on your face!! Oh No! You are horrified. You remember you have Vitchelo 5-in-1 Shaver in your bag and you heave a sigh of relief. In two minutes you are again confident of your looks and of winning the day. Comes with water-resistant sleek storage bag to discreetly tuck it away in the bag.
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain: You don’t want to spend an hour just cleaning up the hair remover and you also don’t want tiny small hair to remain stuck in the device. We provide you with a nice small brush to clean all the blades and the body of the device.

Get a Complementary E-BOOK tilted "How to get a smooth, safe shave every time" to tell you how to use the gadget correctly.

Note: This facial razor for women comes with Re-Chargeable Battery which can be charged using USB cable. This saves you from recurring cost of buying AA/AAA batteries.


So whether it's trimming those unwanted hair from your forehead, chin, upper-lip, armpits, bikini line or from inside your nose and on ear lobes, this multi functional facial razor for women and men works like your close confidante and is ever-ready to help you bring out your smart and beautiful self.

Its Built-in Powerful Re-Chargeable Batteries can be charged using USB cable and last multiple hours of operation on a single recharge so you can freely go anywhere with this device tucked in your purse.

BTW, spend more on items you love and not those boring AA/AAA batteries since this device has Rechargeable batteries.


NO SOAP OR WATER NEEDED to operate this device. Works very well on all types of skins - oily to dry.

Can be safey used in bathroom. Protection against water droplets but Do NOT Dunk in water as it is not water-proof.

Ergonomic design, Light-weight yet solid build quality using ABS plastic prolongs the useful life of the product.

On/Off Rotor switch at the bottom ensures that you don't accidentally switch it on when not in use.


You don’t need to worry about getting any nicks and cuts of a regular razor or skin burns from hot wax used in waxing or any infections caused by hair-pull infections as you operate our product in a hurry.

Our safe and tested technology has your back covered.


  • 1 x Rechargeable Power Unit
  • 1 x Facial shaving head
  • 1 x Nose hair trimmer
  • 1 x Eyebrow trimmer
  • 1 x Leg hair remover
  • 1 x Facial cleansing brush
  • 1 x USB charging cable, storage bag & user Manual
  • + Complementary EBOOK on How to get a smooth shave + VIDEO TUTORIALS

Easy to Clean & Maintain:

You don’t want to spend an hour just cleaning up the hair remover and you also don’t want tiny small hair to remain stuck in the device. We provide you with a nice small brush to clean all the blades and the body of the device.


Go ahead and own this very important household device as your Beauty & Personal Care Companion at all times.

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